5 Highly Recommended Business & Marketing Books for 2018


Want to start off your 2018 on the right foot? Maybe you said for Lent you wanted to read more books? Well, look no further – because I’ve put together my top five recommended books that I would consider motivational and inspiring in the areas of marketing and business. These will completely change your mindset…

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Quick Ideas for Designing a Simple Logo


I was coming up with a logo for my new podcast which is called “Popular Demand” and wanted to think of something that looked clean, modern, and simple. As I was doing it, I jotted down a few different ideas for people in my situation. I came up with a few different ideas for logos…

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6 Things To Do Before You Run Paid Ads


The power of paid ads is unbelievable if you use them right. I’ve realized that paid ads aren’t something you just want to dive into without being prepared. When you are spending your hard-earned money and reinvesting it back into your marketing budget, you want to be confident that you’ll see returns. You can quickly…

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10 Steps to the Perfect Content Strategy for Your Business

Content strategy and why it matters.   We are currently experiencing a marketing era where content (alone) is no longer king. Content combined with the right content strategy has taken over the throne. Content would be king if we didn’t have the internet and there weren’t millions of new blog posts, articles, and infographics coming…

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Are You Using The Right Facebook Ad Size? See This Guide.


Facebook Ad Size Summary   Web Traffic Ads: 1200 x 628 px Post Engagement Ads: 1200 x 900 px Carousel Ads: 1080 x 1080 px Video Ads: 16:9 or 1:1 aspect ratio Page Like Ads: 1200 x 444 px   With so many types of ad types available, it can be confusing to make sure…

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What An Article Rewriter Does & Why True Content Marketing Is Better

Article rewriter? What it means…   So there’s this thing called “article rewriting” out there and it’s actually really popular. Some of the writers you follow and read regularly might be doing it too. What it is – it’s basically a way to get around plagiarism by having a person or “rewriting software” plop in…

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If I Owned A Law Firm, This Is How I’d Approach Facebook Ads


Facebook marketing for law firms…   According to the latest research, Facebook now has over 2 billion monthly active users. Not just users who signed up – these are ACTIVE users. People are checking Facebook constantly and spending a significant portion of their day on the platform. Yet, so many companies, law firms included, continue…

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100 Marketing Resume Skills To Win Big This Year (With Free Template)


The perfect marketing resume and skill set have evolved.   Things have changed for marketers. They’re a lot more complex than they were a long time ago. More trackable. More technical. More options. More ways to succeed. More ways to fail.   Although I don’t have a full career of experience to back this all…

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6 Reasons List Articles Are Popular (and Will Stay Popular)


Why are list articles popular?   For the past several years, list-based articles have been incredibly popular online. Whether it’s “10 Ways To Get Your Dog To Love You More” or “96.8 Reasons He’s Not The One For You”, there seems to be a list out there for everything. 88 Reasons Cheese Is The Best…

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20 Common Marketing Shortcuts That Do More Harm Than Good


Taking marketing shortcuts.   Marketing, although a crowded market in terms of people with “expertise” – it is actually a difficult / tedious field. As a result, various marketing shortcuts have become popular that people use to be more efficient with their time. However, some of these “shortcuts” are really just incorrect and in many cases are…

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